PT. Pelabuhan Penajam Banua Taka (ASTRA Infra Port - Eastkal)

PT. Pelabuhan Penajam Banua Taka (ASTRA Infra Port - Eastkal) is an oil and gas Shore Base company, wholly owned by PT Astra Nusa Perdana (subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk). It was established in 2005 and has been operating since 2010 before acquisition by Astra Group in 2013. The supply base is strategically located at the mouth of Riko River, 7 km from the city of Balikpapan, and equipped with internationally standardized facilities and management, as well as experienced human resources.

At beginning the purpose and intention of PT. Pelabuhan Penajam Banua Taka is a port and logistic centre to provide total support of Oil and Gas Industry, especially for Offshore Oil & Gas Industry activities. Our business includes shorebase management, Bonded Logistic Center (PLB) and also port logistic centre.

PT Pelabuhan Penajam Banua Taka (Eastkal) holds a BUP license since 2013 and have  been serving customers from various sector including oil & gas, mining & heavy  equipment, and other industries. Some of our services such as ship berthing facilities, loading & unloading cargo (tubular goods/OCTG, general cargo, container and break  bulk/bags, etc), provision of storage area & other  related port  services. Below is our project portfolio.


Our shorebase is located in Jl. Kapao, Gunung Seteleng, Penajam Pasir Utara. It’s about 15 minutes from Balikpapan by sea or about 8 hours by Penajam road access. Below is detail information regarding access to Eastkal.