Shore Base

A multi-tenant facility that provides services for all industry sectors which could be developed into long-term strategic cooperation. The site is situated on the Riko River with direct access to Balikpapan Bay and the Makassar Strait. Eastkal Shorebase spans an area of 95 hectare, with a developed area about 38 hectare.

Our facilities include

Our Jetty length is 220 m with 20 m width, including the breasting dolphin. Our Jetty has a draft of around 9 to 12 m and is specifically designed for supply vessels and cargo vessels up to 10,000 DWT. It has 2 trestles (Trestle 1: 60 x 8 m, Trestle 2: 75 x 8 m). Our Jetty has Ground Bearing Capacity of around 21 Ton/m2. Our facilities are also completed with LCT Ramp and floating jetty for crew boats. There is also a bulk plant area of around 1,000 m2 in our main Jetty. The seabed compounding is from soft material (MUD) with very small sedimentation and the depth in the middle of the river is about 11-13 m.

We have 16 units with area that varies from 552 to 1,242 m2. It was built to international standards with Ground Bearing Capacity of 4 - 5 Ton/m2. Our warehouses are available to be rented for short-term or long-term. Our warehouses are equipped with warehouse management system and emergency equipment to support our customer’s activities safely.

We have wide open yards that are ready for short to long-term usage. We also have reserve areas that are ready to develop as open yards. Our open yards have Ground Bearing Capacity of 5 Ton/m2.

We have 1,500 m2 of dedicated space for liquid mud plant with bearing capacity around 30 Ton/m2. It is designed with 7,560 Ton of storage capacity or 2,700 Ton of mixing tank capacity.

We have 4 units of Base Oil Tank with a tank capacity of 1,000 to 1,500 m3.

We have 300 m2 of hazardous warehouse with Ground Bearing Capacity of 4 Ton/m2. Our warehouse is already equipped with emergency equipment.

Our water treatment plant can produce fresh water up to 18 m3/hour. Our plant had been certified by Indonesian Health Ministry.

We have a 24-hour clinic that is always ready for first aid and several health assistance. We also provide ambulance for medical evacuation.

Our Shore Base is supported with other facilities such as office, dormitory, canteen, etc.

Our services are include but not limited to:

Our company offers 24-hour integrated port services including berthing, cargo handling, storage services, and other supporting services. We have vast experiences to do handling in the cargo of various sizes, weights, dimensions, and levels of complexity, for instance, we have experience in handling oil and gas Christmas trees, riser, etc.

We always focus on operational and safety excellence to ensure that the service is professionally delivered to avoid any loss from damages, accidents, etc. We operate with Zero LTI (Loss Time Injury) since 2013.

We have certified equipment and manpower to support our activities. We have several cranes, forklifts, and trailers with various ranges of capacities. With all the resources, competency, and experiences, Eastkal is always ready to provide the best services for clients.

We offer covered warehouses and open yards with international standards for short to long-term period. We also provide a warehouse equipped with climate control. Personnel to manage the warehouse can be provided if required.

We offer area for bulk plant to transfer the liquid to vessel. It usually used for mud and cement to support oil and gas drilling activity. The area located less than 40 meters from jetty.

We offer area for mud operation activities. It completed with mixing and storage area.

We offer waste handling and hazardous waste storage. We have been partnering with PT Prasadha Pamulah Limbah Industri (PPLI) which certified to provide waste disposal services including waste analysis, waste treatment processes, and transportation. We ensure that we do the waste disposal safely and comply with the regulation.

We are able to provide customized services based on client needs.